Maintenance welders have known for decades that welding a cross-hatch pattern on ground engaging tools or wearing surfaces is an economical and fast way to prevent wear. It uses less welding consumables and saves a lot of time compared to applying solid hardfacing. Alloys International are pleased to announce AbrasaPlate-X Cross Hatch. The plate has the same chrome carbide hardfacing as regular AbrasaPlate, but has an additional 2-3mm thick layer of cross hatch pattern.

AbrasaPlate-X has many advantages over regular AbrasaPlate:

  • Better impact resistance due to lower crack propogation
  • Lower weight
  • The surface can become self-protecting in many applications, due to the abrasive media filling up the low spots

AbrasaPlate-X is available in sheet form or in fabricated assemblies. The sheet size is 1.5x3.0m. Available thicknesses are 4 on 6, 6 on 8 and 9 on 10. The 2-3mm thick cross hatch pattern is in addition to the nominal hardfacing thickness.

To find out how AbrasaPlate-X may work in your application, please contact our technical sales team.