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Carbon Steel

Alloys International have proven history of over 40 years of supplying consumables and technical support to the welding industry in Australia.  We are renowned for our welding expertise and the range of consumables we carry, catering for all fields of the welding and reclamation industry. Specialities include welding of difficult and unknown materials, cladding hard facing and wear resistant materials and fabrication and cladding of exotic materials.

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Electrodes & TIG Rods - Low Alloy
AWS  A5.1:  E 6013
General purpose electrode for welding in all positions including vertical down.  Good low amperage electrodeWelding steels up to 380MPa (52ksi) Versatile electrode for steel fabrications including galvanised componentsAI-0111-TDS
ASME IIC SFA 5.1: E 6013
Mild steel filler wire TIG rods
General purpose precise low alloy applicationsAI-0111-TDS
AWS A5.5: E11018-M
Basic electrode having good crack resistivity and high strength. Good radiography quality and low diffusible Hydrogen (3 ml H2/100g metal deposited)Low alloyed and tempered steels, pressure vessels with yield  > 650MPaAI-0118-TDS
AI-0150AWS A5.1:  E 7016
Basic coated electrode presenting exceptional welding characteristics. Double coated to provide stable arc in all positions. Spatter free, easy slag removal. Ideal for badly prepared jointsConstruction steels for general use. Tube steels, boiler and pressure vessel steels, high strength steels, heat resistant steels, cold tough steels. Heavy frames, truck and fork lift arms, mining applicationsAI-0150-TDS
AWS A5.1: E7018-1 H4R
Basic coated electrode for construction, boiler steels, tube steels and fine grained steels up to 0.35% C. Good weldability with stable arc. Weld material resistant to ageing, crack resistant on contaminated steelsUsed for cast steels and steels with high levels of impurities. Heavy frames, truck and mining applications, boilers, tube weldingAI-0178-TDS
Wires - Open Arc
AI-1505Open-arc wire. Buffer and build up layer providing unlimited build up on Hadfield manganese all base and other carbon steelsWork hardens as a very tough, wear resistant layer or as build up under top layer of hard facingAI-1505-TDS
Wires - MIG
AWS A5.18: ER70S-6
Precision wound steel wire with low spatter in short and spray arc range. High arc stability at high welding current amperagesBoiler and Pipeline construction, vehicle manufacture and general maintenanceAI-1700-TDS
AWS A5.28: ER80S-D2
Solid wire with 0.5% Mo for welding high strength steels. Operating temperatures of about 500o C.  To be used  with Ar + CO2Pipelines, Pressure vessels
AWS A5.28: ER 80S-B2
Solid wire with 1.25% Cr and 0.5% Mo to weld creep resistant steels. Operating temperature to 550oCHeat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels
AWS A5.29: ER 110 S-G
High strength wire for welding high tensile steels. UTS 820MPa. Available open arc and gas shieldedFor joining high strength and quenched & tempered plates such as Bisalloy 80, HY 100, USST1, Welten 80.