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Cast Iron

Alloys International have proven history of over 40 years of supplying consumables and technical support to the welding industry in Australia.  We are renowned for our welding expertise and the range of consumables we carry, catering for all fields of the welding and reclamation industry. Specialities include welding of difficult and unknown materials, cladding hard facing and wear resistant materials and fabrication and cladding of exotic materials.

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AWS A 5.15: E Ni-CI
Pure nickel cored electrode for repairing and joining cast ironWelding castings, where machinable deposit is requiredAI-0412 G-TDS
AWS A 5.15: E Ni Fe-CI
Graphite basic coated electrode with a Ferro Nickel alloy for joining and repairing nodular cast iron.  High resistance to cracksWelding defects in foundries, engine blocks, housing of tool machines, gearboxes pump bodies valve bodiesAI-0420-TDS
AWS A 5.15: ENiFe-ClGraphite – basic coated all positional  electrode with a copper coat and a Ferro Nickle core for repair of nodulare cast iron. Good wash in and flow of weld metal. Exceptional resistance to overheatingFoundry defects, repairing engine blocks, frame, gearboxes, valve bodies, reducing pieces. Hardness ~ 200 HBAI-0460-TDS
Wires - MIG

Ni/Fe alloy for build up and joining of cast iron to itself or to other ferrous alloysRepair of broken casting, reclamation of worn castings. Particularly good for high speed welding of cast ironAI-1755-TDS
For the build-up, overlay or joining of cast iron. It can be
used on ductile, nodular, grey and Ni-resist irons and for joining these alloys to cast and
mild or stainless steels
Provides weld deposits that are fully machinable with a single pass. Under normal circumstances, if dilution is kept to a minimum, there is no undercutting and weld deposits can be machined through the fusion zone, even with high-speed steel toolingAI-1765-TDS
AWS A 5.14 - ERNi - 1A high quality Mig welding wire for welding of Nickel 200 or 201 to themselves or
each other. Overlaying of steel, joining of dissimilar alloys
Nickel 200 or 201 to stainless steels, carbon steels, Inconel and Incoloy alloys, copper nickel alloys and nickel copper alloys. Evaporaters, concentrators and condensers for concentrated alkaline solutions. Plant for treatment of dry halogen gases. Equipment for chlorination of and treatment of organochlorine productsAI-1799-TDS