Alloys International stock a complete range of consumables for all common thermal spray systems in use in Australia and Southeast Asia, including:

  • HVOF
  • HVAF
  • Twin-wire arc
  • Plasma
  • Flame spray
  • Spray and Fuse

With 30 years of experience in the maintenance and refurbishment industries, our expert staff are able to advise you on the best consumable to work with your equipment to help prevent specific combinations of erosion, corrosion, abrasion and impact.

Some of our highest selling products are listed below. For a complete list of products, data sheets or MSDSs please your Alloys International representative.

Wires (Arc Spray, Spray and Fuse)

AI1800 – Nickel/Aluminium/Molybdenum Superbond wire Datasheet, MSDS

AI1804 – Self bonding dimensional restoration Datasheet, MSDS

AI1805 – Self bonding hardfacing Datasheet, MSDS

AI1820 – Nickel chrome bond wire Datasheet, MSDS

AI1822 – 420 stainless steel Datasheet, MSDS

AI1844 – 316 stainless steel Datasheet, MSDS

AI1850 – 50HRC spray and fuse hardfacing wire Datasheet

AI1860 – 60HRC spray and fuse hardfacing wire Datasheet

AI1870 – Work-hardening alloy for general hardfacing Datasheet, MSDS

AI1888 – Aluminium Bronze Datasheet, MSDS

AI1892 – Deoxidised Copper Datasheet, MSDS

AI1893 – Aluminium Datasheet, MSDS

AI1894 – Zinc Datasheet, MSDS


Ceramic Powders (Plasma)

AI1011 – Alumina Datasheet, MSDS

AI1025 – Chrome Oxide Datasheet, MSDS

AI1036 – Chrome Oxide/Silicon Dioxide/Titanium Dioxide Datasheet, MSDS

AI1097 – Titania Datasheet, MSDS


High Velocity Powders (HVOF / HVAF)


AI2601 Tungsten Carbide / Nickel Datasheet MSDS
AI2606 Cobalt alloy 6 (equivalent to Stellite 6) Datasheet MSDS
AI2642 Nickel Chrome Silicon Boron Datasheet MSDS
AI2672 Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt Datasheet MSDS
AI2675 Chrome Carbide / Nickel Chrome Datasheet MSDS
AI2685 Tungsten Carbide / Chrome Carbide / Nickel Chrome Datasheet MSDS
AI2686 Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt / Chrome Datasheet MSDS