HVOF Powders

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) thermal spray systems have proven to be some of the most versatile spray systems over the last 20 years. They are especially useful for applying highly wear-resistant and corrosion resistant coatings. Alloys International sold the first HVOF system ever used in Australia, and still operate with various systems on a daily basis. All HVOF powders are available in a range of cuts to suit various spray systems such as the JP-5000, HV2000, and various HVAF systems.   For more information please contact our technical sales team.
AI-2601Tungsten carbide/nickel spherical spray powder. Produces extremely hard, dense depositsApplications involving low stress fine particle abrasive wear, fretting, and erosion. Applications where cobalt can’t be used due to corrosion.
AI-2606Cobalt based alloy 6 (similar to Stellite 6). 45-50HRc. Machinable with a tungsten carbide tool. Excellent resistance to erosion, fretting and corrosion up to 800oCFor reclamation where elevated temperatures and corrosive media are present. Ball valves.
AI-2645Nickel based coating for corrosion resistance. Hard but machineable. 40-44HRc.Valve seats, high speed shafts, any application requiring machineable coating which is also reistant to fine particle erosion or metal-to-metal wear.
AI-2672Tungsten carbide/Cobalt. Extremely hard, abrasion resistant coating. Can be ground and superfinished to mirror finish. Max operating temperature 550oCPump sleeves, ID fans, mechanical seals, seal journals. Application subject to high abrasion.
AI-2675Chrome carbide/nickel chrome. Corrosion resistant hard coating for service in temperatures up to 750oC. Can be ground and superfinished to mirror finish.Hydraulic pistons.
AI-2682316 Stainless SteelApplications involving mild corrosion.
AI-2685Tungsten Carbide/Chrome Carbide/Nickel Chrome. Provides outstanding corrosion resistance in abrasive applications. High service temperature of 760°CChemical industry applications, offshore and marine. Pump seals, pulp and paper applications.
AI-2686Tungsten carbide/Cobalt/Chrome. Max operating temperature 550°C.Applications requiring improved corrosion/abrasion resistance compared to AI-2672

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