Plasma Spray Powders

DC plasma spray operates by creating an electric arc and passing a plasma gas through it. This creates an extremely high temperature plasma, which enables ceramics to meet their melting temperatures. The following is a brief summary of common powders available. For specific application expertise or any questions please contact our sales team.
PTA Welding
AI-1010Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Powder exhibiting high hardness and outstanding corrosion resistance. 65HRc.Sliding wear surfaces such as pump shafts, mechanical seals, plungers, slurry pump liners.
AI-1011Aluminium Oxide ceramic powder developed primarily
for plasma spraying
Sliding or rotating wear surfaces such as pump shafts and sleeves, mechanical seal faces,
pump plungers, sealing rings etc.
AI-1025Chrome oxide ceramic powder exhibiting high hardness and outstanding corrosion resistance.Applications up to 540°C requiring smooth, hard abrasion and corrosion resistance. Pump sleeves, wear rings, fans.
AI-1036Chrome oxide/silicon dioxide/titanium dioxide ceramic powder. The most abrasion resistant of the ceramic powders. Higher impact resistance than due to the presence of silicon dioxide.Applications involving fine particle abrasion. Suitable for corrosive environments when properly sealed.
AI-1097Titanium dioxide. Dense coating. 53HRc.Applications up to 540°C requiring abrasion resistance. Good for coating titanium components subject to wear.

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