AbrasaPlate-X Cross Hatch Wear Plate

A general purpose chrome-carbide overlay plate suitable for application in various positions. High impact and abrasion resistance.

Save weight with 8/6 AbrasaPlate

Also available: 8/6-X Cross Hatch

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Cross hatch AbrasaPlate®-X is light weight, and outstanding for high impact applications. It is made of mild steel backing, with a weld overlay chrome carbide hardfacing, then a 3mm thick hardfaced cross hatch pattern.

The cross hatch pattern enables bulk solids to fill up depressions in the surface, and then selfprotect.

AbrasaPlate®-X has many advantages over regular AbrasaPlate:

  • Better impact resistance due to lower crack propogation
  • Lower weight
  • The surface can become self-protecting in many applications, due to the abrasive media filling up the low spots

AbrasaPlate-X has double the life of standard plate in many applications, as seen in this bucket wear strip comparison below:

Cross Hatch Strips 

4 on 4-X (cross hatch)
4 on 6-X (cross hatch)
6 on 8-X (cross hatch)
8 on 6-X (cross hatch)
9 on 10-X (cross hatch)
12 on 12-X (cross hatch
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