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Repair and Maintenance Consumables

We provide consumables to protect against Abrasion, Impact, Corrosion, High-Temperature Wear and any combinations of these. As well as Maintenance and Fabrication consumables

FREE Loctite Ceramic Shield!

Loctite SF-7900 Ceramic Shield is an innovative aerosol spray to protect your welding tips, shrouds and jigs. In less than 2 minutes, for less than $1 cost, you can protect your welding equipment from weld buildup for an entire shift.

Every wire purchase over $500 will come with a free can of Loctite SF-7900 until the end of OCTOBER 2020 (valued at $42). Once you try it, we promise you won’t stop! We know, because we use it ourselves.


Alloys International have proven history of over 40 years of supplying consumables and technical support to the welding industry in Australia. We are renowned for our welding expertise and the range of consumables we carry, catering for all fields of the welding and maintenance industries. Specialities include welding of difficult and unknown materials, hard facing and wear resistant materials, submerged arc and strip cladding consumables, cladding of exotic materials.

Please contact our technical sales team for any inquiries.

Alloys Welding Consumables

Alloys International Supply Welding Consumables For:

♦ MIG Welding

♦ Open-Arc Welding

♦ Stick Welding

♦ TIG Welding

♦ Submerged-Arc Welding

♦ Electro-Slag Strip Cladding

♦ Plasma-Transferred-Arc (PTA) Welding

♦ HVOF Thermal Spray

♦ Arc-Spray

Our Range Of Consumables include:

Maintenance Consumables

  • Low-hydrogen electrodes
  • Alloys for dirty/dissimilar steel 
  • Cast-iron
  • Stainless and Duplex
  • Aluminium & Titanium

Hardfacing Consumables

  • High-alloy iron-based hardfacing
  • Chrome carbide
  • Tungsten-carbide hardfacing
  • Vanadium
  • Cobalt & Nickel-based (Stellite, Hastelloy equiv.)

Consumables to protect against:

  • Abrasion
  • Impact
  • Corrosion
  • High-temperature wear
  • And any combinations of these

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