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Alloys International have proven history of over 40 years of supplying consumables and technical support to the welding industry in Australia.  We are renowned for our welding expertise and the range of consumables we carry, catering for all fields of the welding and reclamation industry. Specialities include welding of difficult and unknown materials, cladding hard facing and wear resistant materials and fabrication and cladding of exotic materials.

For further information on welding related matters, please contact our technical sales team.

Nickel Chrome Boron hard bare rod with excellent weldability and resistance to corrosion, abrasion and gallingHard surfacing of bearings, augers, cams, drills, pistons, plugs, valve seats/disksAI-0360-TDS
14% Mn rutile-basic coated electrode (~120% recovery) recommended for high impact. Used as a cushion layer under hard facing. Addition of Ni and Cr increases the resistance to cracks and abrasionRails, switches, crossings, tongues in quarries an mines, mill hammers, rock crushers, grab teethAI-0501-TDS
AI-0520DIN 8555: E3-60TEasy weldable tool steel to provide deposit subject to high temperaturesTool and die steel applications up to 550°CAI-0520-TDS
Chrome carbide hardfacing electrode with excellent abrasion resistance. 58HRCExcavating and crushing equipment, ground-engaging-tools, concrete pumps, brickworksAI-0535-TDS
Austenitic matrix with Cr carbides. High Chrome with high recovery (190%) Deposit not to exceed 3 layers or 5 mm. Low and moderate impactExcavating and crushing equipment, surfacing of screws, mixes blades, pump bodies, ploughshares. ~ 63 HRcAI-0538-TDS
Tubular electrode filled with ultra-hard fused tungsten carbide particles in a Ni-Cr-B matrix. 56HRCExtreme abrasion and erosion in combination with corrosion. The matrix material is highly resistant to acids, lyes and other corrosive mediaAI-0779E-TDS
Tungsten carbide oxy-acetylene  floppy rods. The ultimate wear resistance for high stress fine-particle erosionDrills, glass applications, ground engaging tools, mixers, brick worksAI-0799-TDS
Wires - Open Arc
AI-1543Open-arc wire. Extremely hard (61-63HRc) complex carbides of chromium and niobiumGET, screws, augers, extreme abrasion/erosion up to 450°CAI-1543-TDS
Open-arc titanium carbide wire offering best combination of resistance to very high impact plus excellent abrasion resistance (56HRc)High impact – Breakers, hammers, shredders, rotorsAI-1558-TDS
Open-arc high hardness chromium carbide, general purpose hard facing wireBuckets, screws, drilling, ground engaging toolsAi-1568-TDS
Wires - MIG
Chromium niobium complex carbide hard facing alloy with extremely high erosion and abrasion resistance. 64-66HRcScrews, GET, augers in brick and tile manufacture
DIN 8555: MF21-55-CGZ
Tungsten carbide hard facing wire in a nickel matrix. Offer the ultimate in erosion and abrasion resistance with good weldabilityScrews, GET, augers in brick and tile manufactureAI-1779 TDS