AbrasaPlate is a composite chrome-carbide wear plate with a hardfaced top layer on mild steel backing. The hardfacing has exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact. The mild steel backing makes the product easily formable. Alloys International have been involved in development of AbrasaPlate over 30+ years.

ASTM G65 wear tests compared to Q&T plate have up to 10 times better results. Available in stock sheet form or fully fabricated assemblies. Alloys keep high quantities of AbrasaPlate in stock.

Grades available:

  • AP-4000 – high temperature abrasion resistance
  • AP-5000 – high-volume abrasion and impact resistance
  • AP-X – Cross hatched overlay plate for extra impact resistance
  • AP-S – Smooth plate for reducing hangup
  • AbrasaPipe – internally or externally hardfaced pipe 50-300mm diameter

AbrasaPlate can be: Welded, Rolled, Plasma Cut, Affixed with Studs. For fabrication of AbrasaPlate we recommend AI-1707 and AI-1568.

For pipes from 50mm to 300mm we recommend AbrasaPipe.

Please contact our technical sales team for a quotation or for more information here.